How to publish your listing

In order for your listing to be active, you need to Activate your listing in your account. 

To make this happen, complete all the Tabs in set up listing Wizard. 



Once all tabs are complete, there will be a check mark on each Wizard Tab. Now click on the orange Activate Sign. 


You will now have a choice between a Unique free keyword or Custom keyword for a $10 one time fee. Once complete your sign will be active. 


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    the "FREE" option is a scam!!!   No matter how many times I submitted , you guys never sent my verification code via text!!!

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    Hi Bonnie - glad we were able to sort this out & get your listings going! @ others reading this: from time to time carriers (cell phone companies) block activation codes (like junk or spam on email). If this takes place, simply sent us a support ticket and we can activate your listing.

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