How do I - 'Text for Info'?

Using our service is really easy once you understand where to put the number and where to put the code.

26971 is called the shortcode and it goes where the phone number goes in the text message.

The keyword (example - Z83W) goes where you put in a message.

Then hit send and get the info!

Take a look at the picture below to see where to put the shortcode and the keyword.



A few pointers: 

- Delivery speed depends on  your Mobile Phone company or who you pay your bills to

- We are pretty strict on privacy and will NEVER share your details or people's phone numbers who text your sign. This means we will NEVER sell information. 

- Texting works on 100% of phones

- Smartphones can click on a link to display your mobile listing

- There is no additional fees to text the signs, if a user does not have any text plan then they will be charged the basic fee from their mobile phone company, typically 5-15 cents. 

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